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Janette is a proud mother of four grown up children and has been unwittingly practising Mindfulness for nearly 30 years! She used the mindfulness techniques when pregnant and giving birth to her children and has always endeavoured to be in the ‘present’ with them and to help teach them to be aware of their feelings and surroundings. She was also a governor at their school and regularly volunteered to hold classes to pass on her idea of mindfulness. All before she’d even heard of it! Since learning all about it and recognising that this is how she has basically been living her life, she has embraced the concept and enjoyed writing this website to help encourage others to practise mindfulness in their lives.

Photo of Daniel with sonDaniel is full time single father of one little boy, who is the apple of his daddy’s eye! He became interested in mindfulness after leading a stressful life in many different roles and suffering a marriage break-up. He decided to adopt mindfulness exercises, yoga and Pilates into his life to alleviate all the stress.

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